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Sexological psychotherapy

Psychotherapy is a psychosocial support approach that addresses past or profound issues that may still have consequences in the present.

A psychotherapy aims to help you identify the sources of daily discomfort and dissatisfaction, do in-depth work on self-knowledge and modify behaviors that are harmful to personal fulfillment before being able to develop concrete tools to maintain the changes made. It is generally a longer term work than a psychosocial approach of counselling.



Gabriel-le Beauregard

As part of the growing number of non-binary sexologists, Gabriel-le knows how to celebrate diversity and fight for the destigmatization of alternative sexual and relationship practices.

Gabriel-leBeauregard_ (12).jpg

One-off meeting or follow-up adapted to your immediate needs to find concrete solutions to the difficulties you encounter on a daily basis

Follow-up allowing you to explore the challenges unique to your relationship and to develop communication and conflict resolution skills to deal with them

Creation and facilitation of training and awareness workshops on various topics

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