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Gabriel-le Beauregard

Working from a humanist, inclusive and anti-oppressive approach, Gabriel-le seeks to understand without judgment. Their experience with people from multiple diversities and intersectionalities allows them to adapt to the reality and needs of a variety of clienteles. Gabriel-le has worked in post-incarceration social rehabilitation as well as in a harm-reduction approach with people living with unstable housing, individuals with addiction disorders and people within the sex industry. As part of the 2SLGBTQIAP+ communities, Gabriel-le knows how to welcome and celebrate diversity.

Their counselling work is guided by the conviction that each individual has the resources necessary for their own development. Outside of their clinical practice, Gabriel-le fights for the destigmatization of alternative sexual and relationship realities.

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Gabriel-le has extensive experience working with marginalized populations, having worked in community organizations with 2SLGBTQIAP+ folx, racialized people, sex workers, judiciarized or in a precarious living situation, practicing BDSM or in non-monogamous relational dynamics. They also know how to adapt their approach to people with high-level autism spectrum disorder, Asperger syndrome or giftedness.

Whether you identify with one of these realities or not, Gabriel-le will know how to celebrate your uniqueness. In consultation with a couple or polycule, they will serve as a bridge between your different experiences.


2019 - 2022

Master's degree in clinical sexology, UQÀM


Don’t get left behind: Sex Summit, Modern Sex Therapy Institutes (Lee Phillips, Stanley Althof, Michael Vigorito, Neil Cannon, Ritch Savin-Williams, Marty Klein, James Wadley, Reece Malone, Margie Nicols and Joe Kort)


What is the place of psychoactive substances use in sexological intervention ?, Mathieu Goyette Ph.D.


Best practices in suicide intervention, AQPS (Gabriel Marcotte)

2018 & 2019

Internal functioning of the autistic thought structure (1 & 2), SACCADE (Brigitte Harrisson and Lise St-Charles)


Anti-oppression training, COCO (Emil Briones, Uwayo Dushime and Sabrina McFadden)

2017 & 2018

Male sexual abuse (1 & 2), CRIPHASE (Victoria Lipinskaia and Line Ouellette)


Quebec Native Women: Violence, Past and Present, PAQ (Isabelle Paillé)

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